Ville had been down the road before of losing weight and then regaining the weight shortly after having achieved the first level of success with his weight loss. He had tried all the tricks in the book with diets and knew that what he really wanted was  true change rather than another quick fix. This time around he wanted to make it last and dig deeper into making deep health, wellbeing and happiness a permanent reality; and dig deep he did. As Ville writes: “During the journey to where I am now I have learned a great deal about myself and also developed my skills in stress management, nutrition and managed to implement regular exercising in my daily life...I prioritised in my life what really matters". Fast forward to today and Ville is 10kg lighter, more energy and most importantly equipped with the tools and skills to manage life´s little surprises.

Ville´s journey continues forward as he patiently keeps practicing the habits that have served him well so far. He is much more aware of the cues that his body is telling him when it is time to recover, when it is time to push a bit harder in the gym and enjoy the community he is a part of there, and now to keep practicing his foundation nutrition habits with an ever clearer connection to his body cues. An ever-growing perspective on what health, nutrition and life means for him will continue to lead him forward. 


Robert is a busy successful guy and while he does keep active with sports, he was carrying a little bit of extra fat and needed a boost to give him more energy and performance.  
With impressive work ethic during training sessions and managing his nutrition as instructed, Robert became leaner (7kg weight reduction), improved his pull ups from 6 to 13, improved his jump distance by 10cm, improved his core test by 3 and 1/2 minutes, increased his push ups from 35 to 50 and, perhaps most importantly for injury prevention, now performs high quality full range of motion squats without the same stiffness and restrictions he had when he started. 


Bruce is a testament to what can be achieved by following the plan closely and committing to the coaching given. When he started, he wanted to first drop 10kg of body fat, improve his energy and hopefully reduce his knee pain. While he wasn´t completely confident about how far he would get, he certainly was committed to change. Within a few months, he had surprised himself and even Simon with the speed of his results. He had already managed to reach his goal of 10kg less body fat (going from 115kg down to just under 105kg) and he was feeling great. His commitment to the nutrition habits and training provided quickly boosted his confidence and vision for what is possible. Fast forward a few more months and Bruce has now reached what he didn´t think was possible in the beginning - under 100kg body weight (97kg to be exact), an entirely new set of nutrition habits, energy to burn and knee pain a thing of the past! 
As we have come to expect now, Bruce is not stopping there - watch this space for more astounding results! 
UPDATE - Bruce has now reached the 89kg mark and looking fitter than ever, congratulations Bruce...keep up the great work!


While Joona had been a very active person with sports and home training in the past, he had not spent a lot of time in a gym environment and wanted to learn new techniques to gain a bit of muscle, decrease a little bit of body fat while improving his fitness; in other words a bit of everything. After only a month he was already leaner (3cm reduction in his waist and hip measurements) had improved his running test performance by 25% and heart rate recovery by a significant 16%. He is getting stronger every day as he continues to add muscle and improve his overall mobility, conditioning and performance. 


A year ago Nina was suffering from knee pain, fatigue and had 10kg to lose! Fast forward to today and you can now meet a new women! Lean, fit and ready for any adventure, Nina shows what is possible by sticking to the plan and committing to health. She is 10kg lighter, without knee problems and a bundle of energy! 
"...but the main thing, I am happy, I know my strengths...and I feel so good - I can trust myself again!"


With a busy work and travel schedule, Hanna needed support for balancing her exercise and eating routine to fit her professional commitments. The target was clear: improve leanness, fitness and reduce the aches and pains from hectic travelling. To date, Hanna has reduced her waist and thighs by 6cm, weight from 58 kg to 52.5 kg, improved her running fitness score by 66% and with her core strength with mobility improvements, her trips are no longer taking such a big toll on her.  She is getting even stronger and leaner by the day!