Simon has been working with sports teams, small group CrossFit athletes and a range of clients for the last 16 years using his skills and knowledge of human health, movement and performance to support and guide the changes his clients are looking to make. 

Simon grew up in New Zealand with the family values for good nutrition, sports and an active lifestyle. This nurtured a curiosity in Simon for the science and art of moving and living well. It has been a life-long curiosity and mission that Simon has had the good fortune to pursue. Join him in this journey of find out more about what you are truly capable of.

With Online Coaching Simon helps professional guys in their 30´s and 40´s look and feel leaner, stronger and full of energy. Most of the guys Simon helps have young families and leadership roles at work, so Simon´s coaching helps with their overall condition so they can feel in control and at their best both at home and with their careers.  


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Master of Science (Sport and Exercise Science)

Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science (1ST Class Hon) 

Bachelor of Human Performance

CrossFit Level 1 and Level 2 Trainer

CrossFit Movement and Mobility Trainer

CrossFit Kids Trainer

Precision Nutrition Level 1 & 2 coach


Simon´s clients have lost on average 10kg of body fat, reduced or eliminated aches, pains and fatigue while building strength, health and quality movement. CLICK HERE TO READ WHAT PREVIOUS CLIENTS HAVE ACHIEVED


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