Fitness To Health Podcast Episode 2: Aleks Stramkals - CrossFitter and Dad (Part 2)

Show Notes

  • 00.37 What ”superpower” Aleks would choose and why

  • 3.38 The value of mistakes

  • 7.23 Aleks’s health and fitness identity

  • 9.17 Aleks’s take on books, gadgets or apps to help with his health and fitness

  • 13.40 On mental toughness and related book recommendations 

  • 17.00 The challenge of keeping fit while being father i.e. looking at challenge of fatherhood and making priorities happen

  • 21.21 Why Aleks loves doing CrossFit

  • 22.45  Future plans for Aleks

  • 27.21 How you can find out more about Aleks

    Two books on running and mental toughess mentioned:

    Born to run by Christopher McDougal

    Hell Week - 7 Days to be your best self

    Alek´s Instagram: aleksstramkals

Fitness To Health Podcast Episode 1: Aleks Stramkals - CrossFitter and Dad (Part 1)

Show Notes

  • 3.48 How Aleks starts his day with his priorities and health as a focus

  • 7.42 How Aleks’s routine has changed over time

  • 8.40 Having kids, the challenges and how Aleks prioritises his health and fitness

  • 12.30 Aleks reflecting on being a first time father vs today and how his approach to his health and fitness has changed

  • 17.20 Moving to Finland and comparing the ability to train and prioritise fitness when living away from family and kids vs when at home.

  • 23.08 What does Aleks do if his day doesn’t go as planned and needs to change, particularly with training

  • 25.20 Dealing with the all or nothing mindset with training

  • 25.54 Exercise at home being normal part of your life with kids

  • 27.50 Finding your own “fitness groove” with your kids